Square Grid

The pencil grid of freehand squares represents the right angles that govern the structures we live and work and play in, the shape of our books and pages of type, our pictures and countless other elements of our lives. I then created a arbitrary undersurface with random colors and placements, representing the uncontrolled factors that constitute another elements of our lives. Then on a very cold but clear day I stood across the street from the temple to the east and sketched. I emphasized with white charcoal the afternoon light hitting the south side of the temple. Finally, I unified the background and the temple shadows with a ultramarine blue wash. The arbitrary primary colors become the storm of life that contrast to but compel us toward the House of the Lord.

Seven Squares

Road to the Temple


Temple Butte

Sunset Temple

Into Eternity

Family Circle

The temple sits surrounded by a colorful and teeming cosmic cloud. To the temple leads a grid road symbolizing the straight and narrow, or, seen another way, from the temple stream rays of hope, help, and structure. Names, so important to the work in the House of the Lord, gather along that road to establish eternal relationships.

Three temples meet three geometric symbols with cosmic suggestions. Each symbol originates from or points to the center of the temple. Both are surrounded by colorful circles reminiscent of cosmic clouds, particles being organized into stars and worlds. “Mandala” is the Sanskrit word for circle. Mandalas are ritualistic geometric designs symbolic of the universe used in some cultures as aids in meditation. Mandalas often combine circle imagery (symbolic of heaven) and the square (symbolic of earth). The mandala is appropriate to the temple because in the temple one meditates about the nature and purpose of the universe and about the relationship between heaven and earth.

Let Your Soul Delight in Fatness

Symbolic of the Lord’s ample bounty to his children, these twelve views of the temple suggest variety:
· The Twelve, our prophetic leaders, differ in style and expression but are unified in purpose.
· Each time we go to the temple, though the ordinances are set, we have a slightly different experience.
· The style of each rendition emphasizes a temple-related theme: For example, the eye and the Braille paper suggest images of sight; the page of scripture from Revelation suggests the power of the word, the nautilus shell illustrates the beauty of God’s creations.

City of Temples

I gathered seven of my grandchildren and invited each to help me prepare the surface of the paper by splattering paint, draw geometric figures, sprinkling salt. I chose seven views and sizes of the Rexburg temple, thinking of Revelation 1-3 which speaks of the seven churches. Each of the seven temples is linked to an archetypal symbol.

Temple Gold I